Chris Pronger has classic response to any player trying the “Michigan”

Just imagine this happening in his day.


Anaheim Ducks forward Trevor Zegras has wowed fans this year with two instances (though the latter would be called back due to offsides) of his having successfully pulled off the acrobatic "Michigan" goal that was originally scored by Michigan Wolverines legend Mike Legg in 1997. The incredible lacrosse-style goal remains incredibly highlight worthy to fans and players alike.

However, there's one particular former player that isn't exactly a fan of the maneuver, and there's no way that he'd allow something like that to happen when he was patrolling the ice without a stiff price to pay.

Former Norris Trophy winning defenseman Chris Pronger, one of the most bruising and effective blue liners in NHL history, had this to say on the subject while joining Mark Roe, Jeff O'Neill and Jamie McLennan on TSN's Overdrive podcast: 

"Let's just put it in simple terms, I got a text at 8:00 AM this morning from a former teammate who now plays in Ottawa, and he asked me what would happen if that kid tried to do that," Pronger explained. "In bold capital letters, it was: "NOT A BLEEPING CHANCE IN HELL!" 

He continued: "Would I be suspended? Potentially. He's very creative and highly skilled, a tilted player. But players also need to realize they're showing up their opponent when they do it, and there may be restitution depending on how old-school the player is when situations like that arise. But there's no question he's incredibly skilled and has a boat-load of talent." 

It's certainly not hard to envision a hard-nosed and old school player like Pronger taking matters into his own hands had he been facing the likes of Zegras today!