Chris Wideman looking at a suspension for headbutt on Erik Haula

The Habs defenseman gets a call from NHL Player Safety.

Chris Wideman looking at a suspension for headbutt on Erik Haula

Montreal Canadiens defenseman Chris Wideman is likely looking at a suspension or a fine from NHL Player Safety after delivering a blatant head butt to Boston Bruins forward Erik Haula in last night's game.

Here's the play in question and Haula's reaction:

Dirty play in plain sight of the officials and the referees. As it is, Wideman earned himself only an extra unsportsmanlike penalty, while both he and Haula were also assessed roughing minors on the play.

Sure enough, Wideman has received an appointment with NHL Player Safety.

Check it out:

You may recall that St. Louis Blues forward Pavel Buchnevich was suspended two games earlier this year for head-butting Arizona Coyotes forward Lawson Crouse.

Remember this?

Now, to me, Wideman's headbutt isn't on the level of Buchnevich's. In Wideman's case his arms are held down and he's doing whatever he can to get at Haula. It's a dumb move, no doubt, but it's nowhere near as dumb and dirty as Buchnevich's headbutt. Buchnevich is clearly trying to injure Crouse and I have no time for that sort of move.

If Buchnevich got two games, I could see Wideman getting just one game or even a suspension.