Classy move pulled for Senators’ Austin Watson on special day

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Back in 2019 while with the Nashville Predators, forward Austin Watson came clean and opened up about the arrest that resulted in his 18-game suspension by the NHL the previous summer. Watson had pleaded no contest to domestic assault and voluntarily entered the league’s substance abuse program. Austin took to Instagram to share his past with wife, Jennifer, and his battles with alcohol and depression. He pledged to stay sober and live “a healthy lifestyle so that I can be the father, partner, teammate and person I want to be.”

On Wednesday, on the special day #BellLetsTalk across Canada, the Ottawa Senators congratulated Watson on celebrating four years of sobriety and encouraged fans to seek him if they need it. Watson has become a role model and this is such a classy move by his team:

Head coach D.J. Smith also proudly commented on his player’s successful sobriety. He stated how the team around him respects what he has battled through.

“You don’t know the struggles that a guy went through, or continues to go through when it comes to alcoholism. The high stress of this job makes what he’s doing even more successful.”

The two men have a great relationship as coach Smith was a pivotal reason in the organization’s decision to sign Watson. Smith was an assistant coach with the OHL’s Windsor Spitfires during Watson’s stint with the team from 2008-10.

Congratulations to Watson and thank you for being such a great example that recovery is possible.

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Source: Senators