Closer look at Brendan Dillon's injury after brawl in Game 3.

Closer look at Brendan Dillon's injury after brawl in Game 3.

Brendan Dillon suffered an ugly looking cut to his left hand after a brawl late in Game 3.

Jonathan Larivee

An ugly situation at the end of Game 3 between the Winnipeg Jets and the Colorado Avalanche could have significant ramifications for the rest of this series after one of the players involved appears to have suffered a significant injury.

A pair of brawls would break out in the final minute of Game 3 after the Avalanche took a commanding lead in the third period, one that left Jets defenseman Brendan Dillon sporting a pretty nasty looking cut on his left hand. It would be the second of those brawls, the one that occurred as the final horn was blowing, that would result in the injury to Dillon.

Here is how it all went down, although it may be a little difficult for you to isolate Dillon given all of the chaos going on in this short clip:

Although the broadcast wouldn't initially catch the damage done to Dillon's hand, the puddle of crimson that he left on the ice made it clear that someone had suffered an injury. When the replays were shown on the broadcast after the fact, we were treated to a close up look at what looks like a serious cut to Dillon's left hand.

The cut did look pretty significant given the amount of blood on the ice and, according to Jets head coach Rick Bowness, Dillon will need to be evaluated before the Jets can share more information about his status.