Clutterbuck denies accusations of embelishment from Stars head coach.

Does this look like he's faking?

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To absolutely no one's surprise New York Islander Cal Clutterbuck has voiced his displeasure following comments from Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff.

“I just find it disrespectful,” said Clutterbuck as per Newsday. “I’ve played a lot of games in the league to this point, the hit itself — if anyone looks at the replay, it’s completely unnecessary. I get my head driven into the board by a knee or a thigh. I reacted to the amount of pain I was in. To embellish a hit like that, I’d have to come up with something pretty quickly while I’m in pain, so I just don’t care for the comments. That’s the road he chose.”

Ruff implied in a recent interview that Clutterbuck, who has a history of diving, embellished a hit from Dallas Star Jason Demers earlier this month in order to draw a more severe penalty.

We've included a video of the hit below, and it's honestly very hard to see where contact could have been made. but the angles provided aren't the most conclusive making it difficult to tell one way or the other.

Do you believe Clutterbuck was legitimately injured, or is Ruff correct in his analysis of the play?