CM Punk calls out Maple Leafs on WWE Raw

CM Punk calls out Maple Leafs on WWE Raw

Jackie Redmond gets called out too!



If you thought the embarrassment was over for the Toronto Maple Leafs, think again. 

Tonight on WWE Raw, superstar wrestler CM Punk was caught on camera talking some smack about the Leafs to WWE and NHL broadcaster Jackie Redmond, a Toronto native.

Check it out:

Something tells me that Leafs fans will be hearing about this loss to the Bruins for awhile...

Read below for our earlier report on the Leafs' season ending media availability published this afternoon.

The Toronto Maple Leafs officially wrapped up their season today at Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto. The players cleaned out their lockers, met with team officials and gave one final media availability for broadcasters.

Head coach Sheldon Keefe was front and center and took responsibility for his team's shortcomings.

"So I'm in the coaching business", began Keefe. "In the coaching business you don't get to make decisions about your position, so for me it's out of my control.

"I understand that ownership and management, they make those types of decisions. I accept responsibility for not meeting results.

"I believe in myself greatly, I love coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now more than ever I believe in myself and our team and that I will win and our team will win. I've been through a lot as a coach in my career to get to this level and I've won a lot before coming here.

"The path always looks different but you learn along the way and I've learned a lot through my experience and I know I'm in a good place."

Keefe was asked about his own future with the team and conceded that he may not in fact be long for this team.

"That decision is out of my control," admitted Keefe. "My job is to continue to work to find solutions and to continue to improve as a coach and at the same time take accountability for the fact that we haven't met expectations."

Incidentally, former St. Louis Blues head coach Craig Berube may have shown his cards on TNT's broadcast the other night. TNT co-host Paul Bissonnette made a chirp to Berube about being the Leafs' next coach and... well... Berube's reaction was interesting to say the least.

Check it out:


Honestly, I think Berube is exactly what this team needs. A no-nonsense coach with a history of getting it done at crunch time. Personally, I don't think the Leafs can bring Keefe back but whether Berube ends up as his replacement, I have no clue. We'll have to wait and see.

After Keefe's media availability today though, the biggest throng of reporters had to be centered around Leafs forward Mitch Marner. The 27 year old forward has come under incredible fire from the team's fanbase for a perceived lack of effort during the post-season. Marner had a pretty dreadful series against the Boston Bruins... something that has become all too familiar for people who follow this team.

So... what did Marner have to say to those fans? Did he apologize for his lack of effort? Did he take personal accountability for his team's lack of playoff success?

No... not even close.

Marner compared himself and his teammates to "Gods" and extolled the virtues of playing for people who worship the Leafs.

I mean, just listen to this guy:

Are you kidding me!?!

You know how people feel about you Mitch and you give them a line like, "We're looked upon as Gods here..." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

Just zero sense of awareness from this guy.

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