Coach Boudreau had shocking comments following today's loss.

That's a pissed off coach right here.

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The Wild is spinning out of control these days. Today was a god opportunity to get back on the winning train with a fairly easy matchup against the Canucks. It was not meant to be. 

It ended up in a 4-2 loss. Although a late charge was attempted, the team had a pretty rough game, with the score being 4-0 at some point. The highlight of the game came at the end of the second period, when Minnesota's fans started booing and throwing stuff on the ice. With 9 loss in the last 11 games, one can understand their frustrations. 

However, it's coach Boudreau who's even more pissed about all this situation. He's always clear about his feelings, but this time he went farther than ever in his post-game interview. 

“That was embarrassing. I’m embarrassed. If I were the fans I would be booing even more because they pay good money for this, and to see an effort like that?

“When you don’t win any battles, … if you can’t compete one-on-one, if you don’t have the emotion to want to get out there and do the right things, let alone the things the coaches are telling you, I’m telling you, if this was earlier in the year, changes would be made.”

''In front of [our] net it seems like teams have total leeway. They’re doing what they want, whereas we can’t get to the net,”

These quotes are pretty revealing about where coach Boudreau is in his mind. He's embarrassed by his own players and event hints at possible trades come the off season! If we were a part of that team, we would get the message loud and clear.