Coach Knoblauch gives a cryptic update on Evander Kane for Game 6
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Coach Knoblauch gives a cryptic update on Evander Kane for Game 6

Is the veteran power forward back in?

Trevor Connors

Edmonton Oilers head coach Kris Knoblauch was asked about his team's lineup earlier today for tomorrow's Game 6 matchup against the Florida Panthers and had some cryptic predictions.

Specifically, Knoblauch was asked about forward Evander Kane's status for the game and offered up this response:

So... he's in?

Kane has been sidelined with a sports hernia injury and there were reports that his season could be over.

“It comes down to health,” NHL insider Elliotte Friedman reported earlier this week. “If you go back to when we interviewed Ken Holland before Game 3, I said to him, ‘I heard Kane might be out for the year.’

“I understand he’s been going through a lot to play. We knew he was hurt going in, now he’s hurt even more from playing. Every year, there’s at least one guy on a team — everybody’s hurt, like we said — but Jeff (Marek), there’s at least one guy on a team who’s kind of like ‘I can’t believe what that guy’s going through to play,’ and it sounds like Kane is kind of gotten to that level.

“So, I had heard he might not play the rest of the year, and Holland disagreed with that. He didn’t flat out said no, but he said ‘If we go deep into this series, we could see him again.’ I just don’t see why you’d switch anything up. Like I know Kane is a helluva player, but after that night, why would you fiddle around with it?”

Personally, I don't think the Oilers should mess with a winning lineup. They have been head and shoulders the better team the past two games and adding someone like Kane to the mix could muddy things up a bit. Thoughts, Oilers fans?

Source: Frank Seravalli