Coach Trotz gets involved in the Hendrick-Beauvillier flirt

​The Islanders coach got caught up in the mix!

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A story went viral over the holidays when New York Islanders forward Anthony Beauvillier used Twitter to get in touch and start flirting with actress Anna Kendrick.

Beauvillier use Twitter to get in touch with one of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities by randomly saying hi to her (yes, that was it), and quickly went viral for it.

Many people decided that Beauvillier’s approach might have been too tentative, and therefore became his wingman to help his case. Even former NHLer and teammate Bruno Gervais came out strong with a huge assist.

“Remember Beau when you saved me from a burning building, cooked me a 7 course meal and taught me 8 languages,”former Islander defenseman Gervais replied. “That was a great day.”

His former teammate isn’t the only one from the Islanders that got involved in the online flirt. In his latest 31 Thoughts column on Sportsnet, Elliotte Friedman revealed that even head coach Barry Trotz wanted to know what was going on between his player and the gorgeous actress: 

“So, I had to know, did Lou Lamoriello say anything to Anthony Beauvillier about his Anna Kendrick tweet? “No,” the winger sheepishly said last weekend. Best reaction he got from the team? “The first time I saw (Trotz) after Christmas, he asked, ‘Well, did she answer?’ in front of everyone.” I got the sense Beauvillier was a little embarrassed about all of the attention, but he shouldn’t be. It was a fun thing.”

Hendricks eventually responded to Beauvillier, noting how awesome it was to see his heroism and the brotherhood that was created from his first tweet in hopes to pursue her. She admitted that she’d been looking at the tweet and how viral it had become.

We wonder if Trotz is disappointed that the flirt is already over…