Cody Ceci makes “embarrassing” statement about the coaching change in Toronto.

Ceci already under attack for his comments.

Cody Ceci makes “embarrassing” statement about the coaching change in Toronto.

Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Cody Ceci has often been a lightning rod for criticism through his career in the National Hockey League and over the weekend Ceci once again became a target of criticism after comments he made regarding the coaching change that was recently made in toronto.

As all of our readers must know by now the Toronto Maple Leafs made headlines around the NHL this month when they fired highly respected head coach Mike Babcock and introduced Sheldon Keefe, who at the time was the head coach of the Toronto Marlies, as their newest head coach. The change appears to have brought with it an immediate rejuvenation of the players in the Toronto Maple Leafs locker room, something that has raised questions about the environments that both Babcock and Keefe foster within their locker rooms. As you would expect the players have fielded a number of questions in this regard since the move was made and Ceci as it turns out was no exception.

Ceci was speaking about the coaching change when he revealed that both he and his teammates had immediately "bought in" to the coaching methods of Keefe, a positive comment to be sure. It was the rest of Ceci's comment however, the part that tacitly implied players had all but quit under Babcock, that has landed him in so much hot water. Ceci all but admitted that members of the Maple Leafs locker room were not getting up for games in spite of the fact that they earn boatloads of money to play the sport of hockey.

"Guys have just started working harder again and got up for games and been a little more excited to play then they have been in the past. Sometimes, when a change happens, that can happen."

I have no doubt that Ceci simply meant to praise his current coach while also pointing out that he and his fellow players were eager to play under his leadership, however many have taken offense to the implication that big money players were simply refusing to give their maximum effort. Once such personality was host of Overdrive on TSN 1050 in Toronto Bryan Hayes who called the comments from Ceci embarrassing.

"Embarrassing quote," wrote Hayes on social media. "Paid millions to be a pro, regardless of the coach."Is Ceci deserving of the criticism? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.