Comcast CEO Dan Hilferty sounds off on John Tortorella.

Comcast CEO Dan Hilferty sounds off on John Tortorella.

A message has come down from the very top of the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

Jonathan Larivee

If there was any doubt about the fact that the new management core of the Philadelphia Flyers organization is united, a controversial incident on Saturday night may have erased any of those doubts that may have lingered.

On Saturday night, Philadelphia Flyers head coach John Tortorella was involved in a controversial incident when he was ejected in the very first period after clashing with National Hockey League referee Wes McCauley. Tortorella was tossed from the game, but not before refusing to do so for several long moments, all the while shouting some colorful words in the direction of the veteran referee.

Although Tortorella could very well be facing discipline from the NHL over his actions, there is no doubt that the Flyers are very much behind him. Following the game Tortorella was supported by Flyers captain Sean Couturier, and now Comcast/Spectacor CEO Dan Hilferty has come out with an even stronger message of support.

"I'm really proud of Torts for standing up for his/our team.," said Hilferty. "This new era of Orange is about having each other's backs. Last night, Torts had our collective backs.. I respect any action the league might feel it needs to take but if it includes a fine, I am paying it."

To receive this level of support from the highest levels of the organization tells both Tortorella and the NHL exactly how the Flyers feel about the situation that transpired on Saturday night.