Comments from Habs captain indicate he knows he may be traded.

Habs captain responds to huge rumors.

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On Saturday a Sportsnet insider Nick Kypreos dropped a bombshell trade rumor when he revealed that his sources have informed him that Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is actively shopping his captain, forward Max Pacioretty.

On Monday reports had a chance to catch up to Pacioretty and ask him about the huge rumor regarding the possibility of him being traded out of Montreal and, based on his answers, it sounds a lot like he knows it's a very real possibility.

“You always envision the best and maybe prepare for the worst,” said Pacioretty as per Habs insider Eric Engels.

This is arguably now the biggest trade rumor of the NHL season. While it's true that Pacioretty is in the middle of a huge slump this season, he has scored 30 goals or more in each of the past four seasons. The reality is that players like Pacioretty, especially when they are the captain of a franchise, just don't get traded very often in this league.

No doubt that Bergevin has received interest from a number of National Hockey League franchises regarding Pacioretty, but the identity of those teams remains a closely guarded secret. While we may not know where Pacioretty will end up, it sounds like Pacioretty knows he may be gone sooner rather than later.

“If that happens, it happens,” said Pacioretty.