Concerning questions surface about Connor McDavid…

Concerning questions surface about Connor McDavid…

Trade rumours emerging anytime soon on top of that?



It was supposed to be “Cup or Bust” for the Edmonton Oilers this season, and let’s just the latter is in the lead following their disastrous record with just five points through their first 11 games, sitting second last in the NHL, ahead of the San Jose Sharks, their next opponent on Thursday.

Can you imagine if Edmonton loses to San Jose tomorrow? The blame is going around from head coach Jay Woodcroft to GM Ken Holland, and not to mention the players and their 26th rank in goals per game with an average of 2.64.

Even McDavid is hearing about it! The Guardian is wondering what’s wrong with the captain, who led the league with 64 goals and 153 points last season, but is on pace for 15 goals and 62 points this year. It’s been asked if the Oilers’ captain hasn’t come back too soon and if he may still be injured:

“And Connor McDavid? McDavid has gone without a goal in six games, and has only two so far on the year, along with eight assists. McDavid was sidelined in October with an upper body injury that the team initially said would keep him out for as much as two weeks. He was back on the ice just eight days later to play the Heritage Classic against Calgary – one of Edmonton’s only wins so far. But is he fully healthy? After Edmonton’s 5-2 loss to Nashville on Saturday afternoon, McDavid described his team’s play accurately as: “death by a thousand cuts … one mistake and it costs us and another little mistake and it just snowballs. It is tough to chase games.”

"Without McDavid doing his usual thing, Edmonton might expect to count on Leon Draisaitl to make up at least some of the difference (Draisaitl finished last year with 128 points). But McDavid’s best linemate is, perhaps unsurprisingly, also struggling; Draisaitl has scored only five times.”

McDavid was sidelined for two games due to injury, but return in time for one of the Oilers’ rare wins of the season. Could he have rushed his return to come back to help his team only to make this worse?

Mark Spector explains on Wednesday that “Whatever the injury was that cost him two games earlier this season, it lingers,” adding that he spoke with McDavid, who himself hinted at not being 100%.

“I feel healthy enough to be out there, and I’ve got to be better,” he said in an exclusive interview with Spector after his team’s 6-2 loss to the Canucks on Monday.

The Oilers might catch a break on Thursday night against the 1-10-1 Sharks, who just record their first win of the season against the Philadelphia Flyers last night. If San Jose gets the victory over Edmonton tomorrow, that second win would allow them to equal the Oilers at five points.

Let’s see if McDavid can find the back of the net and get fans more confident about his play and his health status.

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