Concerning report that the new PWHL might be in trouble
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Concerning report that the new PWHL might be in trouble

Yikes... this is NOT good for the ladies' game.



The Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL) has experienced huge success in its inaugural season. 

Despite having no team names, no jersey logos and no real identity, the league has managed to win over fans in its 'Original Six' markets of Boston, Minnesota, Montreal, New York, Ottawa and Toronto. Well... five out of six ain't bad, actually. While places like Boston, Montreal and Toronto have seen huge audiences for PWHL games, things are a bit different for PWHL New York (Yes, that's actually their team name...). 

The league announced yesterday that PWHL New York will be moving from Bridgeport's Total Mortgage Arena and will be moving to UBS Arena, home of the NHL's New York Islanders. There are also rumors that the team could ultimately move to the New Jersey Devils' Prudential Center at some point.

In other words, PWHL New York is a bit of a team without a home for the moment.

PWHL insider Ian Kennedy of The Hockey News reports that Bridgeport has been a poor fit for the team, because the community "has struggled to show support for professional women's hockey compared to every other market."

The PWHL is so fascinating to me because... frankly, because I WANT to support women's hockey... but every iteration I've ever seen of a women's professional league is some half-baked, bush-league. Frankly, I think the only way that women's hockey can reach the masses is through a partnership with the NHL.

Here me out…

An NHL and WNHL partnership similar to the NBA and WNBA with 12 franchises in some of the NHL’s strongest markets.

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Have a 40 game regular season and have the top four teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs. Eliminate cross-conference regular season games to cut back on travel expenses.

The crucial part, I believe, is that the teams MUST align themselves with their NHL franchises. Look at the Boston Pride as an example. Black and gold color scheme and a similar logo to the Bruins. The two teams even share practice facilities.

If women’s hockey is going to survive, and it should, this should be the blueprint. Thoughts?

Source: Ian Kennedy