Concerning update on Brendan Gallagher from the Montreal Canadiens.

Something is not right.

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The Montreal Canadiens have created a bit of a situation for themselves and now the backlash from their fan base is coming hard and swift. 

Habs forward Brendan Gallagher recently returned from an injury and, as if often the case with professional athletes fighting their way back from an injury, it now seems as though he may have gotten a little overzealous. Gallagher had been previously sidelined as the result of a concussion and the reality of injuries to the head and brain is that they are notoriously difficult to properly diagnose, with things like CTE being largely undetectable until after death, and even harder to treat. Gallagher's return in particular raised some alarm bells however as the forward returned with a newly tinted visor, a feature that many have pointed to as a reason the Habs should have known he was less than fully recovered. 

On Saturday Montreal Canadiens insider Arpon Basu revealed that the Habs forward was once again being sidelined, with Basu announcing that Gallagher had "stayed home" and would not be playing for the Canadiens on Saturday night. This is significant due to the fact that Gallagher appeared in a game for the Canadiens just this past Thursday against the Edmonton Oilers, and now he has missed two straight engagement in as many days. The first was on Friday when Gallagher skipped practice due to "headaches" and now this most recent news confirms that he will miss a game as well, one against the Ottawa Senators.

Now to be clear we do not know for certain that this has been caused by the same concussion that sidelined Gallagher in the first place, one he suffered back on the 2nd of January courtesy of Carolina Hurricanes forward Jordan Staal. In fact Montreal Canadiens head coach Claude Julien revealed on Saturday that Gallagher had spoken with doctors and indicated that no one was sure regarding the source of Gallagher's issues right now. That being said though the absence due to headaches and the need to play with a tinted visor do a good job of pointing the finger towards concussions once again being the issue here. 

Hopefully this time around the Habs will take their time in making sure Gallagher recovers.