Concerning update on the health of Samuel Savoie.

Concerning update on the health of Samuel Savoie.

Worrying update on the 19 year old who was carried off on a stretcher last night.

Jonathan Larivee

This does not sound good.

On Saturday night, 19 year old Chicago Blackhawks forward Samuel Savoie appeared to suffer serious injury when he went crashing into the boards at an awkward angle following a failed attempt at a body check.

Savoie would collide violently with the boards, legs first, and his lower body was folded up like an accordian as a result of the horrifying looking impact. Here is a look back at a replay of the incident:

Although we haven't heard many details about Savoie's condition since the incident, the first information that began to make its way out this morning is very concerning indeed. Ben Pope of the Chicago Sun Times is now reporting that Savoie was unable to travel with the team following the incident and instead had to remain in Minnesota for what is being described as "further medical care."

This is yet another sign that would appear to point to a serious injury, or injuries, and when combined with the visual of Savoie colliding with the boards and reports that the young man was "screaming in pain" after the impact, it's hard to not to be very concerned.

This is made all the worse by the fact that Savoie is a very young man who is only at the very beginning of his hockey journey, and I can only hope that he will be able to bounce back after making a full and hopefully speedy recovery.