Confirmed : Ducks key players out for game 6 in Nashville.

Ohhhhh no.

Confirmed : Ducks key players out for game 6 in Nashville.

Game 6 will be a do or die for the Ducks following a heartbreaking 3-1 loss at home yesterday. As you probably know, a lot of players in both the Ducks and the Predators lineup fell to the intensity of the series and it almost became a war of attrition. 

Some key players are still missing for the Ducks, but we have fresh news about them now. 

Eaves skated on Saturday and was considered day to day. He didn't make the trip, so he may rejoin only on game 7, if it happens at all. 

Rakell was hurt on game 5 and rumors were that it wasn't that serious of an injury. However, missing the trip altogether is a very bad turn of event for the team. 

Gibson was mysteriously M.I.A. at the beginning of the second period and we later learned he pulled something. He will make the trip to Nashville with the team but it wouldn't be surprising to see Bernier in the net anyways. 

These three guys could change everything if they were healthy, but that's the tragic result of a long and tough Playoff. The key is to make do with a reduced lineup.