Confirmed: Habs GM Bergevin negotiating with former NHL head coach to replace Julien

With the losses piling up, you just knew that Bergevin is going to make a move one way or another.

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In case you missed it yesterday, former Montreal Canadiens forward turned media analyst Georges Laraque reported that Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin had flown to Russia to meet with former NHL head coach Bob Hartley about potentially coming to the team to replace current head coach Claude Julien.

Check it out:

Roughly translated, this reads:

According to Georges Laraque, Marc Bergevin reportedly met Bob Hartley in Russia to see his interest in coaching the CH.

Interesting. Especially if true. The thing is… Laraque doesn’t have the best track record reporting factual news. In fact, he’s reported straight up misinformation in the past. 

Earlier today however, Russian hockey insider Igor Eronko confirmed that Bergevin and Hartley did have discussions, albeit not in person.

Check it out:

Okay… so they spoke over the phone, but Hartley either declined Bergevin’s offer or there was no offer the begin with? Which is it?


Eronko clarifies his previous erroneous report:

So they never talked and Laraque simply made it up? Sounds about right…