Conflict between Drouin and Lightning may not be over.

It sounds like they may still trade him.

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After the announcement from Tampa Bay Lightning prospect Jonathan Drouin indicated that he would be reporting to the minors, many felt that things were on theior way to being patched up in Tampa Bay, but that may not be the case, at least not yet.

According to a recent report from Lightning insider Joe Smith of the Tampa Bay Times, the plan is still to trade Drouin who is likely viewed by many in the Lightning organization as a potential primadonna, or perhaps even worse, a liability. According to Smith it's not entirely crazy to think he could be traded this season, although he admits that's a long shot, and the off-season is more likely.

Drouin could still technically get traded this season, but wouldn't be eligible for the NHL playoffs. But Yzerman said it's "not an opportune time to be trading anybody." It's assumed Drouin will get dealt this offseason...

When Smith asked Yzerman about the possibility of keeping Drouin, the Lightning general manager was entirely non-commital.