Conflicting reports on a potential destination for Tony DeAngelo.

NHL insiders not seeing eye to eye.

Conflicting reports on a potential destination for Tony DeAngelo.

The saga of Tony DeAngelo's final days as a member of the New York Rangers was, at the very least, entertaining to watch unfold if you were anyone outside of the Ranger's fan base but it would seem that now is time to move on. 

It's clear the Rangers no longer see DeAngelo as a part of their future and, although he clearly has his warts, it would be a shame to see a defenseman who put up 53 points in just 68 games last season waste a season on the sidelines. The problem for DeAngelo of course is that his antics off the ice have made him a toxic asset but in spite of that you can always rely on general managers, regardless of the sport, to take gambles on reclamation projects. After all at the end of the day winning is everything.

It would seem that DeAngelo is no exception to this rule with National Hockey League insider Bob McKenzie reporting this week, during a segment on NBC, that the Calgary Flames, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks all had expressed some level of interest in the Rangers defenseman.

Following McKenzie's report, Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported that the Flames had expressed interest in DeAngelo and that forward Sam Bennett's name had come up in trade talks between the Flames and Rangers. 

For those out of the loop, Bennett himself requested a trade after seeing limited use to start the season so a trade between the two would seem to be a natural fit. Much like the Columbus Blue Jackets and Winnipeg Jets swapped problems earlier this season when they traded Pierre Luc Dubois and Patrik Laine, many envision a similar scenario between the Flames and Rangers.

Flames insider Eric Francis has however disputed the report from Brooks, citing that there was "no interest" on the part of the Flames in DeAngelo's contract that carries a cap hit of  $4.8 million. Francis went so far as to suggest that he was "dispelling the rumor" surrounding this potential trade.

Brooks himself has since responded to the comments from Francis, mocking the Flames journalist in a rather condescending fashion. Based on that same condescending tone it seems clear to be that Brooks is implying that the Flames and Rangers are still very much at the table, but obviously both men cannot be right.