Conflicting reports on Jacob Markstrom trade today
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Conflicting reports on Jacob Markstrom trade today

Wait... so... has he been traded?



This just in, according to NHL insider Elliotte Friedman, the Calgary Flames are expected to move goaltender Jacob Markstrom to the New Jersey Devils... it's just a matter of when, not if. 

On his latest 32 Thoughts podcast, Friedman reported the New Jersey Devils are pushing hard to acquire the veteran goalie this week but if they can't get it done, they'll wait until the offseason to make the move.

From Friedman:

“I believe the Devils have decided that Jacob Markstrom is going to be their goalie, they hope. If they don’t get Markstrom done this week, they are going to wait to try to do it in the summer”

- Elliotte Friedman

Meanwhile, Flames GM Craig Conroy more or less pulled Markstrom from the trade market last week following some strained negotiations with the Devils. It was reported a couple of times that a deal with the Devils was done, only for it to never materialize. NHL insider Frank Seravalli reported that Flames executive Don Maloney nixed the trade on behalf of the team's ownership.

Read below for our earlier report on Markstrom and the Flames, published this morning.

The Calgary Flames were struck by a major controversy last week when veteran goaltender Jacob Markstrom expressed his frustration with how his situation had been handled leading up to the trade deadline.

Markstrom took a poorly veiled shot at the Flames front office and many assumed that his comments had been directed at Flames general manager Craig Conroy given that, in theory, the general manager is the man calling the shots at this time of year. New comments from a National Hockey League insider however appear to indicate that Conroy has been unfairly maligned, with someone else in the front office meriting all of the blame.

"I don't think Jacob Markstrom's issue with the Flames front office is at all with Craig Conroy," said NHL insider Frank Seravalli. "My understanding, and this is a belief I've had for 3 weeks or a month now, is that the Flames and [New Jersey] Devils had agreed to a trade on Markstrom. They had gone to Markstrom and said 'We are thinking about trading you to New Jersey' and he gave them the green light."

Seravalli would double down on those comments, indicating his belief that the deal was either a done deal or had at the very least been agreed upon by both teams.

"The two sides, I believe, had agreed in principle to a trade and above Craig Conroy... Don Malone on behalf of ownership, is believed to have nixed this trade," said Seravalli.

Given this new information it makes a great deal of sense why Markstrom would be frustrated, and Seravalli expressed as much.

"So I think Markstrom's frustration is 'You asked me if I would waive. I said yes. Then you don't trade me. And then you determined after the fact that you're not going to trade me or you've told people you're not going to trade me.' I can understand why that would be disappointing," admitted Seravalli.

Seravalli did not elaborate on why Flames ownership may have stepped in, but if I had to wager a guess I would suspect it has to do with the team's recent run of success. The Flames are suddenly a potential playoff contender, and the allure of playoff ticket sales may have been too enticing for ownership to ignore.

Source: Elliotte Friedman