Conflicting reports regarding potential trade of Matt Duchene.

Two big updates, but both tell different tales.

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We have some big rumors concerning Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene, but the problem is there are completely conflicting reports at this time. 

First, B.D. Gallof reported that the rumors of Duchene going to the New York Islanders were "dead" according to a source within the National Hockey League, but just minutes later that report was refuted. 

Rob Taub of the Isles Blog is now reporting that he has been told the Duchene trade to the Avalanche is in fact not dead, although whether or not that means Duchene is in fact going to New York is still up in the air.

It's hard to gauge who has the better sources here, although Taub claims to have received his information from the draft floor, so that would have us leaning slightly towards him.