Connor Bedard flips out and breaks his stick on the ice!

So much frustration for the rookie…

Published 4 months ago
Connor Bedard flips out and breaks his stick on the ice!

Prior to last night’s game against the Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson had asked star rookie Connor Bedard to shoot more. The kid complied as he fired off seven shots on goal and attempted four more that were blocked or missed the net in a 5-1 loss to the Red Wings.

Bedard’s trying, but the Blackhawks are struggling on the ice (and let’s not start to talk about what’s happening off it, right?)

Bedard, the NHL’s No. 1 draft pick last June, appeared very frustrated at one point in the loss when cameras caught him flipping out near his team’s bench. He then went on to whack his stick a couple of times in attempts to break it against the boards, before he went on to calm down with his teammates.

Bedard is doing great this season despite his team’s struggles and he leads rookies in shots on goal with 65, four more than Adam Fantilli of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

He has tallied 10 goals and 18 points in 21 games and looks unphased by the disturbing rumours that linked his mother Melanie to the Corey Perry incident that took place earlier this month. While everyone has denied the ridiculous allegations, including Perry himself in his released statement, you have to imagine the impact it had on the superstar rookie.

The Blackhawks outshot the Red Wings 35-29 last night, but it wasn’t enough to get the win. It had to be one of the reasons why Bedard was visibly upset with the his or the team’s performance and it needed to come out. He still managed to collect an assist on the lone goal on the Hawks. 

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