Connor Bedard gets spotlight stolen in NHL Draft prospects rankings!

Connor Bedard gets spotlight stolen in NHL Draft prospects rankings!

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Connor Bedard might have earned an A rating on NHL Central Scouting’s preliminary players to watch list presented by BioSteel released Tuesday, not everyone considers him the projected No. 1 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft anymore.
Adam Fantilli is stealing the spotlight. According to Grant McCagg of Recrutes, Fantilli has moved into first place as the projected first overall pick next summer, ahead of Bedard.

This is his top 5:

1. Adam Fantilli (NCAA) - C
2. Connor Bedard (WHL) - C
3. Matvei Michkov (VHL) - RW
4. Leo Carlsson (SHL) - LW
5. Dalibor Dvorsky (SWE-2) - C

We easily get why heads are turning towards Fantilli. Through six games as an NCAA rookie with the University of Michigan, he has collected 15 points and leads his team and the nation in scoring.

“Fantilli is the only player in the 2023 draft with any hope of challenging Connor Bedard for first overall,” wrote The Hockey News draft and prospect writer Tony Ferrari earlier this season. “His combination of size, speed, power, and skill hasn’t been seen since Auston Matthews ’draft year. Fantilli’s statistical output resembles Jack Eichel s college production. In any other year, Fantilli very well could be the runaway number one but instead, he’ll legitimately challenge the players we’ve all deemed ‘generational’.”

The second NHL team that will pick at the 2023 NHL Draft isn’t getting a consolation prize : both forwards are promising.
But let’s say you’re a general manager in the league : who do you pick with the first overall selection? Bedard or Fantilli?