Connor Bedard responds to being booed in Montreal.

Connor Bedard responds to being booed in Montreal.

The Chicago Blackhawks star rookie received a chorus of boos on Saturday and is speaking out.

Jonathan Larivee

This will be a season of firsts for Chicago Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard and on Saturday night he experienced his first trip to the city of Montreal as a member of a team in the National Hockey League. Unfortunately for Bedard he arrived to the Bell Centre as a member of the opposing team, and as is often the case in Montreal that meant he was treated to a chorus of boos from the diehard Canadiens fanbase.

Some would consider the boos a badge of honor, especially for such a young player, as they tend to be reserved for star level players in the league. It is clear however that, in spite of the fact that he is still a very fresh face in the NHL, Bedard's status as a generational talent quickly helped him reach that status in the eyes of fans on Montreal.

So what did Bedard think of the rather unique experience? Well following the game he was asked about the boo birds in the crowd and it appears as though he truly cherished the experience.

"No, I loved it, it was great," admitted Bedard following the game. "I didn't really think about it before the game but I thought it was awesome."

Bedard also admitted that he was somewhat surprised given that he hasn't established himself in the NHL just yet, but added that it made the game a lot more exciting.

"Of course I haven't done anything yet, I'm just starting but to get that right now it was good," said Bedard. "It makes it more fun when a crowd is really into it like that."