Connor Bedard's gold medal interview interrupted three times! Wright scares him on live TV!

Connor Bedard's gold medal interview interrupted three times! Wright scares him on live TV!

First by the fans, then by Bedard himself and finally by his captain Shane Wright!



Canada and Czechia put on one Hell of a show in the gold medal game of the 2023 World Junior Championships tonight.

The Canadians carried the play for most of the game and it looked, at times, like they would walk away with a well played 2-0 victory. Then, with about six minutes left in the 3rd period, the Czechs struck twice in quick succession, scoring two goals in 54 seconds to tie the game at 2-2.

That set the stage for overtime and Canadian forward Dylan Guenther:

The golden goal! Canada is back to back gold medal champions!

An electric ending to an electric game and, truthfully, an electric tournament!

The atmosphere in Halifax and Moncton was incredible and the crowds were absolutely BUZZING for every single game. That's why, after hoisting their trophy and receiving their gold medals, that Canada decided to take a victory lap around the ice to thank the crowd for all their efforts in this gold medal victory.

Check it out:

Love it! I absolutely LOVE IT!

The best part though may have been when fans interrupted Connor Bedard's post-game interview with chants of "MVP! MVP! MVP!" Or, actually, maybe the best part was Bedard interrupting his own interview to say that he didn't want to talk about himself anymore, he wanted to talk about his teammates. Or, ACTUALLY, maybe the best part was captain Shane Wright interrupting Bedard's interview for a final time, simply to clown on him.

Check it all out:

Again... LOVE IT!

Bedard has proven to me in this tournament that he's definitely the real deal and that he's ready to deal with the pressures of playing in the NHL, maybe even in a big market where the scrutiny and the expectation to succeed is even higher.

As for Wright, he doesn't deserve the shade that he gets from a lot of hockey fans. To me, he looked like a player who gave a full effort every shift and who ultimately lead by example.

I have no doubt that he has a long NHL career in front of him.

Source: TSN