Connor Bedard's Mom Melanie forced to make a statement following disturbing events at their home
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Connor Bedard's Mom Melanie forced to make a statement following disturbing events at their home

Wow! For real!?!?



Connor Bedard is a superstar in the making. That much we know.

Bedard is the projected #1 pick in this upcoming offseason's 2023 NHL Entry Draft and, frankly, it's not even close. Not since Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews have we seen a prospect with this level of hype and Bedard's record setting performance at the 2023 World Junior Championships has only vaulted him further into the spotlight. But Bedard's mother Melanie Bedard sees her son's emerging status within the sport as a growing concern.

In fact, Melanie released somewhat of a statement on Instagram, addressing some disturbing behavior from Connor's fans.

Check it out:

"There are very often people surrounding our house and waiting outside, then they photograph us as soon as we step outside. One day, someone even came through the back of our property, accessed the yard, and started screaming for Connor. And I would say that all this happens more frequently since the last Junior World Championship."

"Recently, I had to turn off my cell phone for about ten days because I was receiving too many messages. It was uncontrollable! I've never been used to that, you know? And it's now almost impossible to go to the grocery store or the mall with Connor without being recognized."

- Melanie Bedard

Really... for real?

Come on, people. You're literally stalking a teenage boy just because he's really good at hockey? That's... that's concerning. I mean this with all sincerity: Get a life.

For those who don't know the Bedards live in North Vancouver, which, as the name suggests, is just north of Vancouver over the Lion's Gate Bridge. While Vancouver Canucks fans have a reputation for being a little crazy and for taking things a bit too far, this is on an entirely different level. Leave the kid alone. Leave his family alone. Period. It's not that hard.

Unfortunately for Canucks fans though, they may not have much time left with Bedard in their locale. While it looked for awhile like the Canucks would be in the running for a lottery pick and the chance to select Bedard 1st overall, the team has gone on a run since hiring head coach Rick Tocchet back in late January. It not looks like the Canucks are stuck in no man's land: Not good enough for the playoffs, but not bad enough for a lottery pick.

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