Connor Bedard’s personality comes out in awkward way during press conference

Connor Bedard’s personality comes out in awkward way during press conference

Just a kid.



First overall pick Connor Bedard took part in his first official practice with the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday and media patiently waited to speak with him afterwards. When the generational talent talked about how he’s learning about his new home, Bedard had some fun with the reporters when asked about living on his own and learning how to cook.

Reporters were eating it up, asking about calling his mother on FaceTime for help and what he’s been cooking, to which he said made some “rice, chicken, a couple tacos” but admitted he hasn’t cooked that much, adding:

“Actually not much. Just kinda something to say here.”

His answer was dubbed as one “Veteran move already.”

You have to love that the kid has some personality. He remains shy and way too humble, but this is a sign that he can let loose. Bedard remains a kid despite the heavy pressure on his shoulders going into his first NHL season and getting acclimated to a new city.

When asked about living in Chicago, Bedard, who grew up in British Columbia and played his junior hockey in Regina, Saskatchewan, mentioned how he loved the passionate fanbase and could only complain about recognizing his surroundings just a little and the city’s dangerous roads.

“The fans are unbelievable so far and it’s a beautiful city,” Bedard said, before adding : “The drivers are intense here.”

Maybe they’re just moving out of the way to give Bedard all the room to shine and impress in Chicago!

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