Connor Bedard wins it for Canada in OT with a ridiculous goal!

Connor Bedard wins it for Canada in OT with a ridiculous goal!

Just an absolutely incredible game!



Canada has narrowly avoided disaster at the 2023 World Junior Championships.

Facing the much lower seeded Team Slovakia in the Quarter-Finals, Canada earned itself a 4-3 overtime victory to keep their tournament alive.

The Slovaks played one Hell of a game, refusing to buckle under the relentless pressure of team Canada. But in the end, it was the skill and determination from Canada that ended up making the difference.

Here's the game winning goal courtesy of who else? CONNOR BEDARD:

Just insane...

This kid just keeps producing, even when the stakes are raised.

Incidentally, Bedard made history earlier in the game when he officially passed Eric Lindros as Canada's all-time leading scorer at the World Junior Championships.

The 17 year old forward scored this evening's opening goal in Canada's game against Slovakia to pass Lindros with 32 points in just 12 games to become his nation's all-time leader. 

Earlier this week The Big E encouraged Bedard to not only beat his record, but to smash it.

Incidentally, Bedard also surpassed Jordan Eberle as Canada's all-time leading goal scorer, as well.

Eberle, a former WHL superstar with Bedard's Saskatoon Blades, took some time to personally congratulate Bedard as well.

Check it out:

Frankly, it's been just an absolute treat to watch Bedard in this tournament.

The crazy thing to me is that Bedard is just 17 years old and is eligible to return to this tournament the next two years. Of course, I doubt that will happen though because once he finds himself on an NHL team, I don't suspect he'll play another game of junior hockey in his life.

Source: TSN