Connor Ingram injured after stick slips through his mask.

Connor Ingram injured after stick slips through his mask.

Connor Ingram left last night's game after a stick slipped through a slit in his goalie mask.

Jonathan Larivee

A freak accident in the National Hockey League has led to a goalie being injured, although it's not entirely clear how serious the situation is at this time.

On Sunday night, during a clash between the Arizona Coyotes and Calgary Flames, Coyotes goaltender Connor Ingram suffered an injury to his head and face when he was struck by the stick of Calgary Flames forward Matt Coronato. The incident appeared to be a completely freak accident, with Coronato appearing to make accidental contact with Ingram and that being further compounded by the fact that Coronato's stick somehow managed to work it's way into one of the eye slits on Ingram's mask.

Ingram was in immediate discomfort and in spite of the fact that no penalty was called and play had continued he would quickly skate away from his net, mask off, and make his way to the Coyotes bench. We did get a brief look at Ingram's face which was showing some signs of damage, but there was no telling how serious the injury may have been.

Ingram looked like he was a in a great deal of discomfort, and could be seen repeatedly clutching at his head, and he stayed at the bench for only a few brief seconds before heading back into the locker room. Ingram would not return to the game and no update has been provided by the Coyotes at this time.