Connor McDavid gives Oilers kid the surprise of a lifetime.

Connor McDavid gives Oilers kid the surprise of a lifetime.

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid gives a good kid a day he will never forget.

Jonathan Larivee

This is the kind of feel good story that will kick your week off right on a Monday morning.

There's a man named Zachery Dereniowski who goes by 'mdmotivator' on Instagram that has seemingly made it his life's mission to bring joy and happiness to good people all over the world. In his most recent upload, Dereniowski can be seen doing just that, this time with a young fan of the Edmonton Oilers as the target of his good deeds.

Dereniowski approaches the young fan and begins by putting him to the test, offering him a large sum of cash ($1000) or a brand new Oilers jersey. The young fan initially leaps at the chance to get the jersey but quickly corrects himself, stating that he could really use the money to help his mother cover the bills. The kid, who is introduced as Omar, passes the test with flying colors and as a result he not only gets the $1000 but also receives the jersey and an experience of a lifetime on top of all that.

As Dereniowski always does when kind strangers show their generosity, he rewards them with an incredible once in a lifetime experience and this time that meant a trip to the Oilers game for Omar to meet all of his favorite players.

It was a truly beautiful series of moments, and one that I hope we get to see more of thanks to  Zachery Dereniowski.

This wasn't the first time Dereniowski has touched the lives of hockey fans either, having previously done something similar for a young Canucks fan and his father who was going through chemotherapy at the time.