Connor McDavid had a POWERFUL message to deliver following the Oilers elimination.

The young superstar delivers a strong message to the NHL.

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Connor McDavid Had a POWERFUL Message Following Elimination

If you are an Edmonton Oilers fan, you probably feel like a hangover this morning. If you are a Ducks fan, you feel like anything is possible and you certainly know your are 8 wins away from a Stanley cup.

Nevertheless, young captain Connor McDavid had a strong message to deliver to the NHL following the Edmonton Oilers elimination.

This will take some time to get over,” Connor McDavid said. “Come next season, we’ll find ourselves in a similar spot, and we’ll be able to look back on this and feel this disappointment and know what it’s like.

I’m just going to talk about our team,” McDavid said when asked about his performance. “We gave it everything we had and came up a little bit short.

You look at any team that has won and been good for all these years, they start with disappointment,” McDavid said. “We’ve done that and we took a huge step forward.

If we told you we would have taken the Ducks 7 in the second series in September, I don’t think anyone would have believed us for a second,” McDavid said. “We believe in this group. We’ll be back.