Connor McDavid helps Evander Kane make a life-changing announcement.

Connor McDavid helps Evander Kane make a life-changing announcement.

The captain of the Edmonton Oilers takes the time to help Evander Kane with a major announcement.

Jonathan Larivee

In spite of the fact that he was hounded by controversy and negative press in his departure from the San Jose Sharks, you would be hard pressed to argue that star forward Evander Kane hasn't been a good fit for the Edmonton Oilers so far.

Since joining the ranks of the Oilers, Kane has managed to stay away from any major controversies and appears to have integrated himself well within the team. On Sunday, we got yet another example of just how well Kane is getting along with his new teammates when Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid helped him make a major announcement.

Kane and his long time girlfriend, Mara Teigen, will be welcoming another child but it appears as though the gender of that child was kept secret from Kane himself. As has become something of a tradition for some, Kane and Teigen made the decision to have a gender reveal for their second child, and it was none other than Connor McDavid who brought the goods.

After Teigen, Kane and his 2 children had already made it out to the ice, McDavid came out from the back with a special puck in hand, one designed to explode upon impact. Of course it was dad and not McDavid who took the shot, and here is the result: