Connor McDavid re-emerges in controversy during NHL awards

And fans are feeding the beast…


Edmonton Oilers’ captain Connor McDavid clearly wants to remain quiet and away from media. That probably explains why on Tuesday, he did not attend the NHL awards though he was expected to be there.

That might have to do with the fact that the Oilers’ superstar has been trending for all the wrong reasons.
In a viral video, McDavid was allegedly caught drunk on the streets with the person filming stating that he was quite inebriated. On top of that, the video shows McDavid holding hands with a woman who is pretty clearly not his longtime girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

McDavid and Kyle began a relationship after meeting at a friend’s celebration back in 2015. Lauren owns Kyle & Co. Design Studio. Calcutta, Fresh Nation-state, French Elegant. She designed the house in which McDavid and she have established themselves.

The video has gotten harder and harder to find on social media, but with how viral it went, there is no way Kyle has not seen it.

We can understand why McDavid, who did not end up winning the Hart Trophy or the Ted Lindsay, preferred to stay home, maybe for some quality time with Kyle.

He probably also wanted to avoid questions and comments on the embarrassing video… It's hard to say if or when McDavid will be called to explain the viral video.