Connor McDavid’s emotions on full display as “his legacy depends” on winning the Cup now!

Connor McDavid’s emotions on full display as “his legacy depends” on winning the Cup now!

Nothing less, says a reporter. No pressure, right?

Chris Gosselin

When the Edmonton Oilers won Game 7 over the Vancouver Canucks, captain Connor McDavid’s emotions were on full display once the final buzzer rang on Monday night. While his team is moving on to the Western conference final against the Dallas Stars, there is still a lot of work to do, and Michael Traikos believes that if the Oilers fail, McDavid’s legacy is in play.

“McDavid is the face of the league. With his speed and offensive creativity, has the rare ability to pull in casual sports fans who don’t normally pay attention to hockey. Like the greatest before him, he has that rare gift of making you care about a player, a team and a sport that you wouldn’t normally care about.

In other words, McDavid needs to win. And, whether you are living in Toronto or Vancouver, you should cheer for him to win.
After all, his legacy — and the legacy of the sport — depends on it.”

No pressure, right?

Especially since, this past season, McDavid has not been the best player in the NHL. Some pundits and fans blame injuries, we’ll probably never know, but now, the heat is on because the captain needs to be leading the Oilers to a championship.

McDavid himself said it at the start of the season, it’s Cup or Bust. Traikos adds that if, years from now, McDavid wants his name to be out there with the legendary Hall of Famers, he needs to start winning Stanley Cups.

“Years from now, when he is retired, we will point to his scoring totals and his individual hardware as proof of that greatness. But if he wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with Gretzky, Orr, Howe and Crosby, then McDavid needs to start winning — and winning more than once.”

It needs to start now with this playoff run.

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