Connor McDavid sets his very own NHL record.

McDavid is unreal.

Jonathan Larivee

When you watch him play there's simply no denying the fact that Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid is something special. There's good reason that many in the National Hockey League call him the best player in the world, and there's also good reason that some are already putting him in the pantheon of the greatest to ever play the sport of hockey.

On Sunday night, McDavid and the Oilers handed the Calgary Flames their second loss of their second round Stanley Cup playoff series and it was perhaps Calgary's toughest loss of the playoffs thus far. That was a great accomplishment for the Oilers as a team, but in the process McDavid also achieved a milestone that no other player before him has ever managed to reach.

According to Sportsnet Stats, on Sunday night McDavid became the first player in the history of the NHL to record 9 multi point games in the first 10 games of a single playoff run. That is a feat that even the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr and all the other NHL legends of the past never managed over the course of their incredible NHL careers.

This of course by no means is a sign that McDavid is better than all or any of those legends from the past, but it certainly does bring what McDavid is currently achieving on the ice into perspective. That no other play has done it before is truly something special, and if Sunday night's Game 3 was any indication we haven't seen the last of McDavid's seemingly endless bag of tricks.

In fact in a stat that was brought up during the broadcast of last night's Game 3, we were shown that only guys with the names Lemieux and Gretzky have scored more points through the first 10 games of a playoff run in their careers.

Perhaps the most difficult to fathom part of all this though is the fact that McDavid is currently only 25 years old and won't turn 26 until January of next year. The Oilers captain is only just entering his prime, which means the Connor McDavid show is far from over.