Consequences for Kucherov after ugly performance at All-Star Game.
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Consequences for Kucherov after ugly performance at All-Star Game.

Nikita Kucherov faced some backlash over the weekend and it may cost him in more ways than one.

Jonathan Larivee

Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Kucherov made headlines over the weekend, but despite all of the attention he brought to both himself and the National Hockey League's All-Star Game is sounds like there are many who are not at all happy with the Russian superstar.

It's one thing however for Kucherov to be criticized over his underwhelming performance at the All-Star Game, but it is another matter entirely if it starts to cost Kucherov where it really matters.

On Monday, NHL insider Elliotte Friedman revealed that there is a very real possibility that Kucherov's performance will cost him votes when it comes time to vote on the NHL awards. To be clear, the insider was not endorsing those making such decisions, but it is clear that something has tipped him off to the fact that it is now a very real possibility.

"People were like 'He shouldn't win the Hart Trophy based on that'," revealed Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast. "What do Hart Trophy winners do? They go to the All-Star Game and they put on a show right? Or at least try to put on a show? I don't think that should cost him votes but I think it could. I think it's entirely possible that it does."

That is particularly fascinating given that Kucherov was recently critical of the lack of attention he was getting for the Hart Trophy this season. Friedman also indicated that he feels this could hurt Kucherov's chances of being invited to future All-Star events, although I suspect Kucherov would view that as a blessing.

"Maybe they shouldn't invite him again in the future," admitted Friedman.

Overall this definitely seems to have done more harm than good for Kucherov.

"They're gonna have to say to him 'If that's the show you're going to put on we can't have you here' and I don't think that's good," said Friedman. "Kucherov should be at the All-Star Game every year, but you can't bring him if it's going to be like that."