Controversial ex-NHLer and convicted felon wants back in the USA

He even reached out to President Trump on social media!

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The story of former St Louis Blues forward Mike Danton, or Mike Jefferson as he was sometimes known, is a chilling and disturbing account that reminds us all that personal problems don’t simply cease to exist once experiencing the fame and fortune of pro sports.

For those that don’t know the story, Danton was arrested and convicted of hiring a hitman to murder his agent and former junior coach David Frost. The pair had a strange relationship that began when Danton, then named Mike Jefferson, was just a teenager. Frost used his power and influence as an agent and coach over Jefferson which enabled the youngster to leave his family, change his name to Danton and continue his hockey career.

Both Danton and Frost have served their time as criminals in both the Canadian and American judicial system, Danton has even continued his hockey career playing college hockey in Canada and pro hockey in Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Romania and Poland. Now, the convicted felon wants back into the USA, presumably to continue his career there. He even reached out to President Trump on Twitter to get the ball rolling.

Check it out:

Strange. While there’s simply no way Danton catches on with an NHL team, it would be interesting to see whether or not he manages an ECHL or AHL contract if he’s serious about returning to the USA. Then again, maybe he’s not and this is all just a goof? Whatever his intentions, the story of Mike Danton is a unique one in the hockey world and always worth sharing.