Controversial Habs draft pick Logan Mailloux gets destroyed by Pasquale Zito.

Controversial Habs draft pick Logan Mailloux gets destroyed by Pasquale Zito.

Mailloux does not hold his own.

Jonathan Larivee

Controversial Montreal Canadiens draft pick Logan Mailloux was reinstated into the Ontario Hockey League at the end of 2021 after being awarded what was described as an indefinite suspension, but now just 11 games into his return with the London Knights he has found himself on the wrong end of a hockey fight.

The incident occurred during the closing minutes of the second period during a game between the aforementioned London Knights and the Windsor Spitfires, and I think you would be hard pressed to argue that Mailloux wasn't the one who went looking for this fight. Mailloux delivered a big hit to Spitfires defenseman centerman Pasquale Zito, who was selected in the 6th round (166th overall) of the 2021 National Hockey League Entry Draft by the Detroit Red Wings, but the hit seemingly wasn't enough for him.

Mailloux continued to harass Zito after the hit itself, delivering several stiff cross checks to the back of the Red Wings prospect as if trying to goad him into a fight. After taking several blows from Mailloux, Zito had had enough and turned around to face his opponent before promptly dropping the gloves and engaging him in a fight.

The fight would not be a very long one. Mailloux did manage to fire a few left hands off in the early exchange but the fight was largely dominated by the smaller looking Zito who probably was pretty enraged by this point in the exchange. Zito fired off heavy right hands from the very beginning of the exchange and continued to do so throughout the fight, even throwing in a right uppercut as Mailloux began to turtle up in an effort to protect himself.

Mailloux would crumple to the ground as a result of the offensive onslaught from Zito and this time it was Zito who wasn't quite done having his fun. The Spitfires forward made sure to let Mailloux know exactly what he thought of his antics, taunting him several times as the on ice officials dragged him off of and away from Mailloux, and likely throwing more than a couple of verbal barbs his way as well.