Controversial NHL verdict delivered on Jeff Carter’s hit on Cale Makar!

Got a lot of people talking!



On Tuesday night, Colorado Avalanche star defenseman Cale Makar was forced out of the game against the Pittsburgh Penguins after he took what looked to be a blindside hit to the head from veteran forward Jeff Carter. The young defenseman grabbed his head and fell to the ice, but play kept going until the officials blew it dead after they saw Makar try to whack at a puck from his knees. Makar stayed on the bench at first but eventually went back to the dressing room.

After the game, a frustrated Makar called out the officials, who believed the incident was simply a collision between two players.

“Pretty blindside,” Makar said of the incident in the dressing room afterward. “The ref said apparently we ran into each other, but I don’t know how that’s possible. He was coming down the ice.”

Every expected the department of player safety to announce a hearing, and then maybe even a suspension, however, Avalanche insider Pater Baugh of The Athletic revealed on Wednesday that no suspension is likely to come and that DOPS agreed with the referees and viewed the play as more a collision than a hit.

With several fans expecting a call from DOPS to come in, the verdict has shocked many on Wednesday.

Let’s hope Makar keeps feeling better - as we know concussion symptoms can take time to surface - especially seeing that Colorado has dealt with serious injuries and a full infirmary since the start of the season as defending Stanley Cup champions.

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Source: Peter Baugh