Controversial tweet lands Ryan Whitney in hot water with fans

Was this inappropriate on the part of the former NHL defenseman?

Michael W.

Former NHL defenseman and current co-host of the popular Barstool Sports hockey "Spittin' Chiclets" podcast Ryan Whitney found himself in the crosshairs of some fans after the less than positive reception to a social media post of his went viral earlier in the week. 

Whitney posted an AI-generated image of what some are interpreting as making light of sexual assault, as it depicted a bear wearing a Bruins jersey standing in a compromising position in front of a crouched bear wearing a Maple Leafs jersey.

And instantly, there was immediate backlash from several users on X, many of whom accused him of insensitivity.

However, not all of the replies were negative, with many saying they support Whitney and believe that those opposed to his original message are too easily offended.

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Source: Twitter