Controversial video on P.K. Subban emerges on social media

Will he get the message?


P.K. Subban has often been mentioned on the NHL’s news wire since the 2021-22 season kicked and rarely for the wrong reasons…

Earlier this month, the New Jersey Devils defenseman injured New York Rangers’ Sammy Blais, who’s now out for the remainder of the season, after he pulled a sneaky slew foot on the forward.

As you know, this wasn’t the first time this season Subban was caught using this dangerous move on opponents. The play on Blais was very close to the same play that took place in a preseason game back in October. In that incident, Subban slew-footed enforcer Ryan Reaves. Then, the blue liner pulled the same move on Milan Lucic of the Calgary Flames, and Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks. The league fined Subban $5,000 for the Lucic slew-foot. When he did the same to Zegras, George Parros opted to hand out another fine, this time for $15,000. Basically pocket of change for the defenseman making $9M per year.

We all wonder what will come next if he slew foots again… Now there is a controversial video trending on social in which someone put together all of the slew foots Subban pulled in his career - there are even times he pulled the move when he was a member of the Montreal Canadiens.

This proves that when he told former NHL referee Tim Peel that this was “just a bad habit that has crept into his game”, Subban was lying.

This is the video that is trending at the moment on Subban:

Maybe Subban would understand more if the NHL was to severely punish him next time. What do you think?