Controversy after conflicting reports of major shake up from NHL team.

Big rumors of a major shake up inside one NHL team.


We have a big controversy in the National Hockey League.

Yesterday TSN insider Darren Dreger reported that Florida Panthers president of hockey operations would be "resuming control of management duties and hockey operations in Florida." The news was obviously a major announcement as most believed Talon had seen his power greatly diminish since being named president of hockey operations and Tom Rowe promoted to his former role as general manager.

This is obviously also big news for Tome Rowe who fired head coach Gerard Gallant and assumed his position as interim head coach this season, as it now seems that Gallant has been stripped of his general manager powers, although he currently still holds the title. 

The controversy stems from a report publish by Harvet Fialkov of the Sun Sentinel today who says that a source from within the Panthers has put the kaibosh on many of these stories, saying there was a lot of "click bait fake news floating around."


Dreger is one of the best insiders in the business, and for him to be challenged in such a manner is almost unheard of, and on Thursday his co-worker and fellow insider Bob McKenzie delivered a hammer blow to Fialkov's credibility.

"All due to respect to Harvey, or not, Harvey is full of crap, and it's as simple as that," said Mckenzie on TSN radio.

According to McKenzie the change has come down from ownership itself.

"There going out of their way now to say that nothing has happened but i'll tell you what happened. After the game the other night where they lost, and lost badly, and Roberto Luongo smashed his stick on the boards and threw a tantrum as he went off the ice, and Tom Rowe threw a tantrum on the bench... we do know that the owner met with Dave Talon the next morning."

"Immediately following that there was certainly word out in the NHL community that whatever role Dave Talon had before.... there was some added responsibility."

It sounds like Tom Rower has effectively been removed as general manager of the Panthers, despite still being behind the bench as interim head coach.