Controversy arises after 4 referees are named for Stanley Cup Final

Controversy arises after 4 referees are named for Stanley Cup Final

Fans are quite vocal about this. How about you?

Chris Gosselin

Earlier this week, the National Hockey League confirmed who would be officiating the Stanley Cup Final between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers, which gets underway Saturday night.

Because they have been seen as officials at the top of their game during the 2023-24 season and earlier playoff rounds, Jean Hebert, Steve Kozari, Dan O’Rourke and Chris Rooney will be the referees for the Finals. Referee Wes McCauley was recruited for Round 2 but has not officiate since Game 7 of the series between the Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars in the opening round due to a hamstring injury. Unfortunately for McCaulay, this is the second Cup Final since 2013 he has missed, after being sidelined with another injury in the late spring of 2021.

Insider Pierre LeBrun took to social media on Friday to state how there was pressure on these four referees, considering the Oilers’ power-play. Edmonton has been quite the menace on the man advantage, especially in the postseason, scoring on 19 of 51 opportunities for a League-best 37.3 percent efficiency.

But fans and others reporters are adamant that rules are rules and that the Oilers’ success on the power-play should not come into the equation. Others go further by claiming that both Rourke and Kozari are bias when it comes to Edmonton, and things escalated quickly with fans calling controversy over the officials’ picks.

Here are a few reactions from X, formerly known as Twitter, on the referees that are set to call the biggest games of the entire season:

I guess we will have a better idea on the refs once the series gets underway. Let’s not forget that they will also have linesmen with them as Devin Berg, Ryan Daisy, Matt MacPherson and Jonny Murray have been chosen for the Stanley Cup Finals.

And they aren’y getting any heat on social. Yet…