Controversy arises after core player reportedly refuses to waive is no-moving clause.

Team asked, he refused.

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Team asked, he refused

Controversy arises after a veteran defenseman reportedly refused to waive is no-moving clause after being asked by team management.

However, to make it clear: A player’s NMC was freely agreed to by his team. He is under no obligation to waive and shouldn’t be condemned for not doing so.

As reported by TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Dion Phaneuf is not expected to waive his NMC, as was requested by OTT. That means Phaneuf would have to be protected in expansion draft.

Should Phaneuf waive his no-trade? He could be a prime target for the Golden Knights, not only as a player, but as a possible trading chip they could flip to a rival team as they build towards their future.