Corey Perry confirms he has spoken to John Tavares.

Details inside.


The incident involving Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares that occurred in Game 1 of the first round series between the Montreal Canadiens and the aforementioned Leafs was one of the worst I've seen in some time. It's rare to see a player of Tavares' caliber in that kind of distress and it was a moment that had a demonstrable impact on everyone involved in that game on both sides of the ice.

Although I believe that most reasonable people don't hold any ill will towards Montreal Canadiens forward Corey Perry I have been somewhat disappointed to see some of the comments on social media calling for Perry's head, especially considering the fact that Perry himself appeared to be shaken up on the ice after it all went down. 

Following the game Perry indicated that he had felt "sick to his stomach" when he saw the replay on the big screen and, considering he went out of his way to try and avoid making contact with Tavares, I believe him. Perry also indicated following the game that he would reach out to Tavares who had been taken to the hospital at the time and now Perry has confirmed that he has indeed spoken to the Leafs captain about the incident that transpired on Thursday night. 

Perry told members of the media this week that he had reached out to Tavares via a text message and although he kept the details of that conversation private, he did say that Tavares held no ill will towards him. Tavares has always been a very classy individual both on and off the ice so it comes as no surprise to me that he would not hold Perry responsible for what was a terrible accident, but it was good to hear that Tavares does indeed feel that way at least according Perry himself.

Unfortunately there's still no word on when Tavares might be back for the Leafs but honestly I hope the Leafs organization will take every possible precaution in this case. The way Tavares collapsed to the ice after the trainers tried to get him upright was one of the scariest scenes I've seen in some time in the NHL and I wouldn't want to see any player try and rush back from a head injury that caused their body to shut down in that manner.