Corey Perry dealt yet another blow

It's been a very difficult last few weeks for the veteran forward.



Unless you've been living in a cave on the moon with your hands covering your ears and eyes closed, you've heard the news that the Chicago Blackhawks terminated the contract of veteran forward Corey Perry for unacceptable work conduct with an unnamed team employee. 

Of course, there were also completely unfounded rumors that he was having an illicit affair with the mother of young forward Connor Bedard, which both he and Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson have vehemently denied. 

Right now, Perry is a free agent and is eligible to sign with any other NHL club that decides to take a waiver on him. However, it doesn't look like his ordeal with the Blackhawks is quite over. According to Chris Johnston of The Athletic, Perry will actually owe the Blackhawks a considerable sum of money thanks to the structuring of his contract being including a big signing bonus compared against his playing time. 

"Perry has 60 days to decide if he wants to file a grievance via the NHL Players' Association. The matter remains under review, according to a union spokesman. Should he elect to go that route, it would be an exercise in preserving his earning power."

"Perry is entitled to keep approximately $1 million of his $4 million salary after spending roughly 25 percent of the season on the Blackhawks roster prior to having his contract terminated, which means he technically owes money back to the organization because he received a $2 million signing bonus over the summer."

Over the weekend, Perry had his name pop up in rumors involving the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton Oilers, both of whom could stand to benefit from Perry's veteran experience provided that he gets his act back in order; he's promised to work with mental health and substance abuse specialists.

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Source: The Athletic