Corey Perry gets put back in his place, sparking foul language

Corey Perry gets put back in his place, sparking foul language

Things got ugly in Game 3.

Chris Gosselin

The Edmonton Oilers almost got a win on Thursday night to make a dent in the Stanley Cup Final against Florida, but the Panthers held on towards a 4-3 win and are now leading 3-0 ahead of Saturday’s potential final game of the season.
Last night’s contest had everything from scrums to brillant saves, to blunders and foul language, especially when it came to Oilers’ gritty forward Corey Perry who was back in the lineup for Game 3.

In the second period, Perry was called for goalie interference on Sergei Bobrovsky and was visibly upset with how the Panthers had taken a significant lead at that time, up 4-1.

Perry was sent to the penalty box and was told by referee Steve Kozari to sit down and shut up, which only prompted the veteran forward to have a hissy fit and get more aggravated.

While fans in Edmonton immediately started singing to the officials how much they sucked, the outburst from Perry may have shown how the Panthers are more in control in this series.

To make things worse for Perry, who came into the lineup to replace an injured Evander Kane, he is the one with the infamous curse. Perry is once again making a Stanley Cup Final appearance, with his fifth different team, having previously played in the Finals with the Anaheim Ducks, Dallas Stars, Montreal Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning. He did hoist the Cup in 2007 with the Ducks, but the rest of his success rate isn’t encouraging. When reaching the Finals in 2020 with Dallas, in 2021 with Montreal and then in 2022 with the Lightning, Perry lost all three times.

The Panthers now lead 3-0 and could hoist the Stanley Cup in front of Perry and the Oilers in Edmonton on Saturday.

Bet he will have some foul language then too…

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