Corey Perry goes off on teammate Evander Kane on the bench.

Corey Perry goes off on teammate Evander Kane on the bench.

Things get heated between Corey Perry and Evander Kane on the Oilers bench following a big scrum.

Jonathan Larivee

The cameras were rolling as the Edmonton Oilers took on the Calgary Flames on Saturday night, and as a result those who tuned into the game were treated to something of a concerning interaction on the Oilers bench.

In the closing moments of the second period, veteran National Hockey League forward Corey Perry could be seen going off on fellow Oilers teammate Evander Kane on the bench. Although I can only speculate on what may have caused Perry to get upset with Kane, there was no question about the fact that Perry was furious and there was also no doubt about who that anger was directed at.

During the intermission, Perry's former teammate in Kevin Bieksa shared his thoughts on the interaction between the two Oilers.

"I can tell you from playing with Perry, he doesn't do this very often," revealed Bieksa. "He doesn't yell at teammates, he doesn't get this fired up on the bench, he's usually in his own little world."

Bieksa would continue and suggested that something must have happened to get Perry this fired up, with Bieksa pointing to a particularly bad turnover from Kane moments earlier in the period. At around the 26 second mark in the clip below, Kane makes a bad turnover in the offensive zone behind the Flames' net.

This is the incident that Bieksa speculated could have led to the confrontation on the bench.

The dynamic between these two big personalities will certainly be one worth watching as we draw closer and closer to the Stanley Cup playoffs.