Corey Perry reacts to being cheered by fans in Montreal.

Corey Perry reacts to being cheered by fans in Montreal.

The newest member of the Chicago Blackhawks reacts to the surprise reaction he got on Saturday.

Jonathan Larivee

For many years now, veteran Chicago Blackhawks forward Corey Perry has been among the most universally despised players in the National Hockey League. Whether or not you agree with the sentiment that many fans have towards Perry, there's no denying the fact that fans simply love to hate him.

That's why it came as a pretty big surprise when, on Saturday night, Perry suddenly found himself being cheered in an opposing team's building. Perry and his Blackhawks were in Montreal to take on the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night, and the normally hostile Montreal crowd treated the Blackhawks forward to a heartwarming round of cheers.

Perry was the last man off the ice in warmups for the Blackhawks, and when fans realized he was the only man on the ice they began to stand and applaud. Perry even fired a puck off into the Canadiens net, and shockingly that prompted another round of cheers from the Habs faithful.

Perry did play briefly for the Montreal Canadiens but unfortunately never got the chance to do so in front of fans at the Bell Centre when it mattered most, due to the fact that his time with the Canadiens came during the Covid-era of the National Hockey League. Perry did however play a big role in helping the Canadiens reach the Stanley Cup Final and it would appear that fans in Montreal have not forgotten his heroics during that playoff run.

Following the game Perry was asked about the reception he received and it was clear that he was touched by the moment.

"It was pretty cool," admitted Perry. "It was a pretty cool moment, we had a good run when I was here. It was exciting... it's too bad you couldn't play in front of these fans. But at the same time I will never forget playing for my favorite team growing up and going to a Stanley Cup Final."